New Tapware

Pipe Dream Plumbing can install all makes and models of taps. If you prefer to supply your own tap, we can connect it up for you.

We can also source and supply taps from most major New Zealand brands to fit your style and budget.

Kitchen fit-out - Johnsonville, Wellington

Leaky Taps

Leaking taps can cause a serious amount damage to your taps if left unserviced.

If you leave a leaky tap for too long the water can cut the metal out of the inside of the tap, rendering it unrepairable.

Leaky Tap - Wellington

Burst Water Mains

The water main is the pipe that supplies water to your house and runs from the “toby”, or isolation point, out by the foot path.

The council owns the toby and you own the water main that runs from it to your house.

Pipe Dream Plumbing can repair sections of burst water mains or replace the whole water main from the toby to the house.

Dux Quest

Black Dux Quest is a product that was brought into New Zealand in the 1980’s. It is an inferior plumbing piping product with a tendency to burst, split, or break at any time, causing a lot of damage to your home and requiring replacement and re-piping.

If you think you might have Black Dux Quest piping in your home, you should get it replaced as soon as possible.

Pipe Dream Plumbing have considerable experience in identifying and fixing faulty Dux Quest piping throughout Wellington.