New Roof Installations

If you are building or renovating a house, or your existing roof is tired and needs replacing, Pipe Dream Plumbing can help you.

We can install all types of roofs, whether it’s for a new house or you are replacing your existing roof. We will work with you to find a product and style that matches your house and budget.

Wellington Roof InstallationLeaky Roof Repairs

The tell-tale signs of a leak in your roof are usually quite obvious, however finding the source of the problem can be another matter altogether.

A leak can find it’s way in through a small opening and track its way down through your roof, appearing in a completely different place than where it originated from.

A leak left un-repaired can cause water damage to your home and create potential health issues for you and your family.

Pipe Dream Plumbing have the experience and expertise to find and fix leaks in your roof before they become worse.

Some common types of roofing and problems associated with them are:

Corrugated Iron

Corrugated iron roofs come in two main types: long run and short run.

Long run corrugated iron generally starts at the ridge of the roof and goes all the way down to the guttering.

Short run comes in set lengths, so multiple sheets are used to get from the ridge of the roof down to the guttering.

The number one thing with corrugated iron roofs is that over time the wind loosens the nails holding the roof iron down.

If your corrugated iron is still in good condition the easiest solution is a roof re-screw.

Screws hold a lot more than nails do. Nails can vibrate out, whereas screws grip tightly into the wood.

A roof re-screw involves removing all the nails and replacing them with screws have large, UV resistant, rubber washer heads.

Decramastic Roofs

Decramastic Roofing Tiles WellingtonOne of the more common problems we come across with decramastic roofs is dented sections of the tiles.

These often need replacing, but sometimes if it’s a small dent we can remove the dented tile and pop the dent out before putting it back down.

Tiled Roofs

If you’ve got a broken tile we can remove the broken tile(s) and put new tiles in.

Or if you find you’ve got too many little pinhole gaps, you can get the concrete tiles re-sanded and sprayed.


New Gutter Installations

Your guttering (often referred to as Spouting) is a critical component of your roofing system, collecting and diverting rain water off your roof, keeping it away from the foundations of your house.

There are two main guttering systems: external and internal.

External guttering is suspended along the lower edge of the projected slope of the roof and is used in roughly 95% of guttering installations.

Rusting Internal Guttering WellingtonInternal guttering is concealed within the roof structure and is only used in roughly 5% of guttering installations. Poorly installed internal guttering with insufficient outlets or overflows are prone to blocking and flooding. If water from the gutter gets into the surrounding structure it can cause significant damage and require costly repairs.

One of the main considerations when installing new guttering is the type of guttering material to use.

There are generally two main choices of material: PVC and metal.

PVC guttering is the most common material used and is a very cost-effective solution. The most common brand of PVC guttering in New Zealand is the Marley spouting system. PVC guttering usually lasts around 10 to 20 years. It has some UV treatments in it to prevent deterioration from the elements, but as with all plastics, it does break down over time.

Long-run metal spouting is a more durable material that is longer lasting, has less expansion and contraction, but can also be twice the price.

Both materials are subject to expansion (on hot days) and contraction, but plastic is a bit more susceptible.

Pipe Dream Plumbing have expertise in installing all types of guttering and are happy to advise you on your options to make the right choice before installation.

Gutter Maintenance and Repairs

Wellington Clogged GutteringGutters need to be cleaned regularly to remove leaves and other debris (ideally every 12 months) and functioning properly to avoid water causing damage to your roof and cladding.

Faulty guttering should be repaired as soon as possible – left unattended, the problem will only get worse and can end up in much more costly repairs.

Pipe Dream Plumbing can fix your cracked, sagging and leaky guttering and replace it where necessary with a quality product that matches your existing guttering.