Drains are, for the most part, low maintenance unless they are old and have been damaged by earth quakes or earth movement, which can cause a drop, or collapsed section, of the drain.

Pipe Dream Plumbing can install, repair and service your drains, ensuring they operate reliably and comply with council regulations.


Drain Assessments and Inspections

Pipe Dream Plumbing can come and assess your drain pipes and inspect them for any potential blocks or issues. We provide a full range of drainage services including laying new pipes, CCTV camera inspections and root cutting.

Locating Drainage Pipes

As a homeowner one of the best things to know if you have concerns about the drainage on your property is where your drain pipes are located.

An easy way to find this out is to look up your property on the Wellington City Council WebMap.

The WCC WebMap can give you a drainage plan of your property that shows where your drains run and where your water and services are.

There are different types of drains:

  • Incoming Water Pipes
  • Stormwater Pipes
  • Wastewater (Sewerage) Pipes

As a general rule of thumb, you own the pipework under the ground to the footpath. Any pipes that are on your property and problems with them are your responsibility.

Blocked or Leaking Drains

Once you know you’ve got a blocked drain you really need to start strategising a plan to rectify the problem.

One of the most common problems that we come across are clay pipes getting blocked up by tree roots, in particular Pohutukawa trees – they love to get water and food out of your sewerage pipes. If you’ve got clay pipes that are just slotted together the roots can hear the trickling water and they go for it, they can push open tiny little cracks, and create a network of roots inside your drain pipes, blocking them up.

As soon as you start putting things down your pipes that aren’t breaking down, i.e. anything but toilet paper, that’s when you get your blockage, because it gets caught up in the roots, which act like a filter in your drain.

How would the average homeowner be able to detect this issue?

Generally it’s too late and the drain is blocked and that’s how you find out.

If you don’t want this problem, the simplest solution is to cut the tree down and remove the roots. An alternate solution is to re-route the drain.

Removing tree roots from a drain

Pipe Dream Plumbing can arrange services to have a root cutter sent down to cut tree roots out, or have them jet blasted off.

Once the tree roots have been cleared out, it’s possible to feed a machine down the drain which spins a plastic around the inside of the drain, creating a sealed system, preventing the further roots from getting in.

CCTV Camera Inspections

A CCTV drain inspection can help identify the cause and location of any blockages inside your drains. Pipe Dream Plumbing can provide a drain camera inspection service and put it on a DVD for you.

Once the blockage has been identified we can provide options and services to rectify the problem.

Drain Laying & Repairs

If you need new pipes laid for a new property, repairs or re-routing of existing pipework, Pipe Dream Plumbing can help you out.

Drain Repairs

If you’re digging outside and hit a pipe and rupture it you need to call a plumber who will cut and repair a section of the drain you’ve damaged, or move it (offset it, so that it’s out of your way)

Re-routing a Drain

Re-routing a drain around a tree is quite common if you love a tree and don’t want to get rid of it but the drain is going right under it.

We don’t have to replace the whole section, just a new section of the drain.
Pipe Dream Plumbing can install new standard UPVC plastic drainage pipes and join onto the existing clay drain.

Plastic drainage pipes prevent roots from getting in and are generally not so brittle, so they’re a bit more resistant to people with spades!

Below is a gallery of a recent pre-slab drainage installation completed by Pipe Dream Plumbing in Karori, Wellington:


New Toilets

New ToiletPipe Dream Plumbing can supply and install a wide variety of new toilets.

Our suppliers stock all the major brands of toilets. We can help you choose a toilet to match your space and budget.

If you’ve already got a new toilet and need it installed, we can help you with that too!

Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet can be incredibly frustrating and needs to be fixed immediately.

Blocked toilets can lead to drainage issues and messy problems such as overflowing.

Often a good old plunger simply isn’t enough to fix a stubborn blockage.

Pipe Dream Plumbing can quickly find the cause of the blockage and unblock it so that your toilet will flush properly again.

Toilet Repairs

If your toilet won’t flush, or won’t stop running after you’ve flushed it, it needs to be fixed.

Pipe Dream Plumbing can locate and fix these problems quickly and will have your toilet up and running like new in no time.

Leaky Toilet

A leaking toilet can cause damage and mess to the surrounding floor finishings.

If your toilet is leaking – don’t wait!

Contact Pipe Dream Plumbing and we will fix the leak for you.